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The other face of Mogadishu+{SAWIRADII XEEBTA LIIDO DAAWO

Hi all;
We often hear bad news from Mogadishu. But in the link below you will find rare photos that show the other face of Mogadishu. The introductory words in Somalia say (the photos are a clear sign that people in Mogadishu are saying “We want life, we want peace, we will continue our life despite terror and intimidation.”)
By far this page has become the most visited (12,600) and the most commented (170 comments)  in 5 days in the history of Radio Mogadishu website. When you click the page a classical music describing the beauty of Mogadishu will automatically play. Please enjoy the beauty of Mogadishu.






Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow)
Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Somalia
& Spokesperson of the Government
Tel: +252615479911 or +252699998854

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